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West Wing Week: 05/13/16 Or, “Stylin, Huh”

This week, the President celebrated the 2016 graduating class of Howard University, hosted the 1983 National Champion North Carolina State Wolfpack, and the 2016 National Champion UConn Huskies. The First Lady traveled to the Invictus Games in Orlando.

White House Week: “I Understand We Have a Live Chicken!”

Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This week, the President commemorated Equal Pay Day by designating a new national monument, hosted smart girls and boys at the 6th White House Science Fair, met with the National Security Council to discuss

West Wing Week:“Snowzilla” And Steven Spielberg

This week, Washington was blanketed by blizzard Jonas, effectively shutting down the city for days. After the thaw, President Obama reminded folks it's the last week to sign up for healthcare at Healthcare.Gov. The President spoke at the Embassy of Israel alongside Steven Spielberg, and he traveled to Baltimore, Maryland.

White House Week In Review And “My Soon-To-Be Fellow Citizens”

This week at the White House, the President heralded the achievement of the whole world coming together to combat climate change, traveled to the Pentagon and the National Counterterrorism Center to continue the work on securing our nation, and presided over a very moving naturalization ceremony at the National Archives.

White House Week:12/11/2015 or, “Notorious RBG”

This week, President Obama addressed artists in the East Room, the nation from the Oval Office, and Congress on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, Vice President Biden traveled to Ukraine. The White House also celebrated Hanukkah with the President of Israel. That's December 4th to December 11th or, "Notorious RBG."